The Ultimate Wedding Decor DIY Hack (in 3 easy steps)

Use our easy hack to create the most stunning low cost wedding decor centrepiece chandelier. It will be the focal point of your wedding venue and will surely impress the guests! Cheap, elegant and easy... it doesn’t get better than this!



We, at Castillo Parties, have always cherished creating ways to simplify planning the biggest of events, even weddings. Use this simple hack with our copper hoops to create the ultimate chic and elegant wedding décor centrepiece!

What you will need:

  1. Sturdy metal/copper hoops

  2. Green Foliage and/or Flowers

  3. Clear Twine/thread (Included with our hoops)

Step 1:

Use these solid and sturdy hoops which come in a set of three making this DIY more budget friendly. You can use long green artificial foliage garlands and add fresh white/pink roses as well depending on the look you're going for. We're sticking with a more lush green one. 

Our Top Picks for decorating and layering: Foliage


You can combine these with some other Foliage pieces we found on Amazon:

5 Branches of Artificial Eucalyptus Leaves

Artificial Rattan Leaves Leaf Ribbons


Step 2:

Okay so now that we have the essentials, let’s assemble. If you purchased the Castillo Parties hoops, they come with clear twine so you’re all set. First wrap the foliage around the base to cover all the metal area completely.



Then, if you are going for a chandelier look, take smaller foliage pieces and using the same twine/clear thread hang the green foliage garlands, like crystals do from a chandelier. We recommend using at least 3 big foliage pieces and then using smaller ones to add layering or cover any visible gaps. 


If you have a variety of artificial foliage garlands then save the more stunning/fuller ones for the top where they will be more visible. You can mix and combine various foliage designs and it will still create the most stunning centrepiece for your wedding.


Step 3:


green artificial foliage with white roses


If you want to take this wedding centrepiece DIY to the next level add… FLOWERS! Who doesn’t love some pretty roses for a spring summer wedding especially?! Depending on your budget you can either go for fresh ones from your local florist or use this eucalyptus garland that comes embedded with white roses. 

Final step: Use the same clear twine, or if the chandelier becomes too heavy, a white ribbon to hang the finished chandelier to the ceiling. If you use the white ribbon you can use some of the leftover foliage and wrap it around the ribbon to cover it. Overall, it will look stunning both ways!! 


DRUMROLLL… you’re done! Leave your comments or questions below and I will love to chat my favourite hacks!



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