Cute Teddy Bear Themed First Birthday DIY Decorations (6 steps only)

Planning a birthday or baby shower? Inspired by the stunning teddy bear themed baby shower Khloe Kardashian hosted for her best friend? Look at the stunning and eye-catching balloon decoration clouds! If that doesn’t suffice then the pastel hues from the jumbo-sized balloons make this setup drool worthy.

Make your baby girl’s first birthday the best party you will ever throw with these decorations. 



What you will need?

-       Castillo Parties Balloon Arch Décor Kit

-       Clear Thread or fishing line

-       Clear Tape

-       Little patience to create a masterpiece



Step 1: Blow the balloons with an electric pump

I love to simplify party planning woes, so you are in for a treat. Since this set has a lot of balloons, I would recommend getting a good electric balloon pump which will make your job a hundred times easier.

Here is an affordable option: Balloon Pump

Pro-tip: Don’t overfill balloons! For a rounder shape make sure to fill it in about 75%, release some air from the filled balloon if it is overfilled before tying.

We don’t want you to get blisters tying all these balloons so use the tying tool included in the kit. It is the best thing to have been created for all the DIY-ing balloon arch queens aka you!

 Balloon tying tool instructions

Also, here’s an amazing video demonstration on using the tying tool:


Step 2: Assemble tassels and helium filled jumbo balloons

Fill the pastel large balloons with helium as these have to float around the space.

 jumbo pastel balloons

Assemble the white tassels. These are not included in the set but can be purchased separately here. About 5-8 tassels per balloon should create a nice look!

Open the pre-cut tassels (purchased separately) and assemble them using the video:

At the end, just use any ribbon or string and tie the tassels garland to the large pastel balloons. It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you just securely attach the tassels to the string.


Step 3: Create the balloon clouds

Cut a piece of the balloon tape for as wide as you want the balloon cloud to be. Then insert the balloons into the balloon tape holes. Voila your balloons are secured.



Use the glue dots in the set to layer more balloons on top! Here the pro-tip mentioned above come in handy. If your balloons are round, they will create the perfect cloud!



 Finished look should look something like this:



Step 4: Assemble Teddy Bear and helium balloons

Got your kid’s teddy bear lying around? Just fill all the small pastel balloons (included in the set) with helium and attach the ribbons end to the teddy’s hand. Pro-tip: Use some of the glue dots to secure the balloons next to each other to stop them from moving too much over the teddy bear.

teddy bear hanging with balloons decoration


Step 5: Attach tassel balloons to the floor 

Using clear fishing line (it has to be clear to give the Tassels balloons a floating look) and attach one end to the floor (again using clear tape) and the other end to the large balloons. Spread them around the space. Here’s how:


pastel balloons decorations


Step 6: Hang the clouds to the ceiling

This is pretty simple! Just use clear thread to hang the clouds in the same way you used to attach the large balloons to the floor.

 white balloons clouds attached to ceiling 

You are done at this point! The set does come with happy birthday letters which can be secured to the floor or hung to the ceiling. These cannot float or be filled with helium so these will have to be hung to the ceiling like the clouds. Leave these out if you are not throwing a birthday party.



I hope this was helpful! Also, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials out there on how to attach or assemble balloon clouds/arches using tools like our kit includes. Once you get the hang of this, trust me you will be creating masterpieces on all your events! Happy party planning!


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